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3 Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. Hiring In-House For Digital Marketing

You want to get the most out of your marketing budget - of course you do, that’s why you’re reading this.

You like the idea of digital marketing as this is marketing that can be tracked. A click can be tracked (usually) all the way through the acquisition funnel to a customer.

While there are pros for hiring an in-house team, hiring a marketing agency is the most cost-effective option. With an agency, you get many more efficiencies that result in your marketing dollar going further.

The considerations of hiring an in-house team are many:

  1. Will your team have too many items to work on and will time-consuming, mundane tasks get pushed back on the priority list?

  2. Will you need to acquire (at a significant cost) licenses to various software programs to help your team handle these new responsibilities?

  3. Will you be utilizing members of your team for new digital marketing tasks that were hired for other duties and that have a non-digital skillset?

  4. Will you need to hire additional staff to build dashboards and analyze the data?

  5. Would you prefer multiple perspectives to give you out-of-the-box ideas that drive more customers?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you should consider hiring an agency instead.

A digital marketing agency (such as Axis Local) can streamline your marketing strategies and execution, while getting the most customers/clients for your budget. Established agencies have done this before, many times. That experience is essential for saving your business from costly mistakes and time-wasting events.

Multi-million+ revenue businesses use digital marketing agencies. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Greater Digital Marketing Skillset Diversity

A digital marketing agency is typically staffed with digital marketing lifers that came to the agency through different journeys. Some worked in an agency from day 1. Some work their way up the corporate ladder in the marketing department of a business. There are other paths too that involve a field or industry switch.

All of the Axis Local team’s unique journey has afforded the agency a collection of highly unique and highly proficient skills that we put into action to help our clients every day. Whether it is strategy, planning, execution, design, data reporting or anything else involved in digital marketing, an agency has you covered.

Because an in-house team rarely has the unique skillset a digital marketing agency brings to the table, they typically rely on a team where each member wears several hats. This not only becomes draining on morale, but also results in stagnation when complicated issues arise.

2. A Doorway to Newest in Technology and Digital Strategies

You’ve been there before. Thinking through the execution of an initiative and said, “I wish my website could do X.” Well, maybe it can!

Axis Local, and other digital marketing agencies stay on top of the evolving landscape of digital marketing tool technology. An agency team is also on the cutting edge of best practices as they evolve and are therefore proactive in their implementation in their client’s marketing strategies. It helps to avoid what we like to call the “reactive scramble”. Instead of reacting to the latest development in digital marketing, agency clients are early adopters. Digital marketing agencies also are up on the latest digital marketing tools and technology. This knowledge of available functionality enables them to come up with a quick strategy to solve when their client has a pressing need arise. In house teams typically don’t have the time to be in on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing tools, best practices, and technology developments. Unfortunately, this results in not being able to respond proactively to these developments or be able to solve for emerging business needs with the speed that an agency can.

3. Digital Marketing Program Scalability

The whole point of digital marketing is to grow the business for which said marketing is being undertaken for right? Absolutely it is! When that initial digital marketing program starts producing growth, we naturally want more of it.

If you manage an in-house marketing team, can you please vote in the poll below:

Do you have enough time to take on new marketing initiatives?

  • Yes, I have lots of available time.

  • No way - my team and I are always swamped!

If working with an agency, that is as simple as an email or call. If the agency needs to shift resources towards a need, that can be done easily. It is something agencies do all the time.

When working with an in-house team, scaling usually requires hiring another person, which can tend to take a back seat on the priority list of a team that is already stretched thin. It could push back the growth of a program that is primed to expand for several months or longer!


If you’ve been pondering this question, maybe you’re in a position to begin some new digital marketing initiatives. Be assured that when you hire a marketing agency, growing your business is easier. You will have access to the agency’s full expertise and as many digital marketing lifers that you need in order to accomplish your goals. This all while you can spend your time much more efficiently without having to spend time on the execution of your strategy.

Is it time to talk to a digital marketing lifer about your business? You can talk with the professionals of Axis Local here or the author of this piece, Dave Bloom below:



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