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Axis Local: Who is it for?


If you want to be found on the Internet, Axis Local is for you. On top of traditional online marketing, we specialize in reputation management and practitioner listings, helping you leverage your people to navigate the new and ever-changing landscape of the web. We also work in the home services space. The rules are always changing and it doesn't matter if you have 1000 practitioners (doctors, lawyers, agents, etc.) or or just 1. You can compete and win the local search game...but you have to set yourself up correctly.

We have experience with businesses ranging from startups to 1,200 store chains. 

Axis Local software publishes all of your company information across the web and allows you to easily manage it. With our software, you'll know how and where people are finding you. When a customer writes a review, you'll know. You'll be able to respond to them from our platform. You'll receive detailed reports to determine how your business is being found. This data can be used to create loyal customers as well as gain new ones.

We can help any business in any category take control of their online presence and reputation while increasing visibility.

A Google Ads Premier Partner

In 2024, Axis Local was named a Google Premier Partner, meaning we rank among the top 3% of American companies when it comes to Google Ads expertise. You'll want that experience and relentless optimization working for you. 

Leverage Practitioner Listings


There are many types of businesses that can best leverage practitioner listings, including:

  • Law Firms

  • Hospitals

  • Dental Practices

  • Accounting Firms

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • Medical Practices

  • Investment Management Firms


Learn more about Practitioner Listings with the link below.


Leverage your online presence into intelligent returns with the help of Axis Local. 

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