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    From developing social media-laden merchandise websites with colorful flair, to sleek, minimalistic professional websites, Axis Local has the experience you need to improve your brand image. Whether it's eye-catching home pages on your desktop, or highly-functional sites on your mobile phone that retain both the style and substance of their desktop counterparts, we can achieve whatever you're looking for. Website Animation Axis Local can make your website more unique, and come to life with custom designs. Axis Local can add animation to various aspects of your site, including buttons, icons, and graphics, to create a more interactive and engaging experience for your users. From subtle animations to bold and attention-grabbing effects, we can help your site make a memorable impact. Below are examples of elements Axis Local has designed to enhance our client sites. Production Designer Portfolio Our client who is a production designer / art director, works on many projects spanning from movies and tv shows, to theme parks. He needed a "attractive looking" website to showcase his previous works that his agent can use to help him book more gigs. The following video is the homepage hero of his site: Media Distribution Business Another one of our clients operate a media distribution service, that delivers TV content throughout the world needed a new website. It was important that users on their site understand their services. Axis Local implemented the following video on their homepage to visualize their services of connecting people across the world. Real Estate Law Firm We have a client who runs a law firm that focuses on real estate transactions, most of which is residential. They desired a header that clearly communicated what they do through the pairing of the text of the menu and the visual of the design. The video below paired with the menu text strengthened the overall design, as well as emphasized the residential real estate work our client does, all with a subtle touch.
    Axis Local optimizes and manages digital ads for our clients who operate across several different industries. We work with ad budgets as low as $200/month and as high as over $500K/month in ad spend. Through our process, we continually optimize for our client's goals. A great case study is a client that operates a large retail operation which requires customers to come to one of their locations to complete a transaction. Their average transaction is $80. Our task is to provide customers to their locations at $30 Cost Per Store Visit or less, ensuring over a 2.5 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). The Axis team made quick work of that goal, and by May 2022 started getting the program reaching a new level of performance. By June 2022, the program returned a 6X ROAS as the Cost Per Store Visit had reached a new low of $13. That performance has been maintained since.
    Along with Listings Management, Axis Local specializes in handling user engagement and response across social media platforms. Representing you, we can handle inbox messages and DMs according to your internal strategy. Want to liven up your social presence with a steady cadence of content? We can create fresh material and user touch-points for you or your brand, be it in the form of static image, video, or animation.
    Logo Design Process With Axis Local Axis Local would be happy to create a unique symbol that represents your brand on all brand assets. Our process involves carefully choosing colors, typography, and graphic elements to create a visual representation of your brand's identity. Axis Local begins this process by meeting with you (the client) to understand your brand's values, mission, and target audience. From there, we create a series of design concepts, and present those to you to be refined, until a final logo is selected. Design Work by Axis Local A well-designed logo by Axis Local will help your business stand out from the competition, communicate your values, personality, and create a memorable impression on your potential customers. This work below was created for our client, Bridgelight, formerly Origin Media Ltd. Axis Local created multiple unique designs for the client to choose from in both B&W and color. We also incorporated their logo into a design template for business cards and company letterhead: Digital Photography At Axis Local, we understand the crucial role that digital photography plays in creating compelling and visually stunning advertisements. It's important to use images that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in communicating a message. Axis Local uses the most relevant content in the most relevant campaigns to communicate your brand's message to your audience. We use digital photography to create custom images with a wide array of use including ad campaigns, social media, websites, email marketing campaigns, and other digital marketing channels. We make your business stand out from the crowd. Examples of Axis Local using digital photography in different media:
  • CRO
    What is CRO? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), is a program used to increase the percentage of users who complete on-site conversions. Whether your website wants to drive purchases, phone calls, emails, sign ups, downloads of content, etc. a CRO program can help. A CRO program is a crucial piece to a successful digital marketing program. We implement our CRO program by creating AB tests. These tests result in 50% of users seeing the original website content, and the other 50% seeing the our variant content that we are testing. If the results show the variant increased the on-site conversion rate, we implement the change. Then A new test will begin, and the process will repeat. These experiments are measured with a 95% confidence interval so we have certainty if a change increases on-site conversions. Each change is typically a small thing. Color of a button, Text copy variation, etc. The percentage increase in conversions for successful tests is typically small as well. In total however, stacking successful changes increases on-site conversion rate significantly. This makes your website work hard for you over time. How is CRO used? The example below is for a client who offers oil changes. On their website they offer coupons for a discount on their oil change services. It’s been proven that when coupon clicks rise, so too does their number of customers. There was an opportunity to increase the number of coupon clicks they receive with a CRO experiment. Axis Local designed an experiment with the goal of increasing coupon clicks. We added a button under the coupon image that read "Open Coupon", giving users a second method of opening the coupon and also a more direct call-to-action (CTA). As shown below, this experiment was successful, resulting in a 1.71% increase in the rate of coupon clicks. Because the variant was proven to increase the percentage of site visitors that click on a coupon, this change was implemented permanently and a new experiment began.
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