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Grow Your Legal Practice

Proven packages designed to scale law firms

Be Found, Get Chosen.

Did You Know?


of clients find a lawyer with an online search engine

(, 2017)


of legal searches are non-branded

(, 2017)

More than half of legal searches are non-branded, which means those searchers aren't looking for a specific lawyer or law firm. Those searchers are high intent and up for grabs. Appearing at the top of the search results, with an ad placement significantly increases the chance of being chosen.


Why You Aren't Getting Found

This example shows a mobile search of "real estate attorney near me."

Without ads, users have to scroll past:
1) All the search ads.
2) The "Businesses" section which includes the local map pack.

3) The "People also search for" section.
4) Nationally ranked organic search results.
5) The "People also ask" section.
6) More nationally ranked & local results that are ranked higher than your own website.

Digital Ad Solution

Starting at $1250 per month, our digital ads package for law firms gets you in front of high-intent potential clients that are in-market for your services. These are people that are searching for your practice area as a category such as "divorce attorney near me." Someone searching a term like that is actively looking for an attorney. Appearing at the top of search with our proven and compelling copy significantly increases your chances of being chosen. Want us to look up search volume in your practice area and geography? Contact us today and we'd be happy to create a forecast for you!

Local SEO Solution


Google Business Profiles (GBPs) are the highest ranking organic result on the search results page. Traditional "blue link" results are buried in the search results by ads and other organic results including GBPs. Axis Local creates, manages, and optimizes your GBPs, strengthening your presence on the search results, enabling your business to be seen (and chosen) more than it is currently.

Here's How We Get You Found With Our Practitioner Listing Program

The local SEO method used to increase a firm’s GBP views and actions leverage attorneys themselves as additional GBPs, known as practitioner listings. This results in a firm ranking for more searches than it ever could by itself. A single listing can’t possibly rank for as many searches as multiple, strategically optimized listings can.

Our client’s Google Business Profiles (GBPs) received 57% more listing views, and 850 more listing actions such as calls, and website clicks with our practitioner listing.

Included In Our Listing Program:

Data Optimization Service

We ensure consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) data across your brand across listings. We also complete your Google Listing with a strong company description, offered services section & more as needed. Additionally, we ensure your listing's information remains accurate and up-to-date, and make changes as needed.

Monthly Google Listing Posts

We consistently craft quality posts for your Google Listing to enhance visibility on Google Search and Maps. These posts are a ranking factor help drive your listings to appear in search.

Managing All Incoming Engagement

Our comprehensive listings program manages all Q&A content, and all review replies. Replying to incoming engagement quickly is a key ranking factor that determines whether your firm’s listing or someone else’s shows for a search.

Practitioner Listing

We will create, verify, and optimize a practitioner listings for you as an attorney. This practitioner listing will significantly amplify your visibility on Google Search & Maps, ensuring greater exposure for your business.

Review Solicitation Program

Having recent reviews is instrumental in ranking higher than your competitors in search. We create a tailored email automation program for your business to encourage customers to share their positive experiences on your listing, which also strengthens your online reputation.

Simply Put

Our Local SEO program results in you competing organically. We get your firm showing up in the highest-ranking on-screen organic result. Starting at $1250 per month, our Local SEO program is a modern, different and tangible approach to SEO. Contact us today to learn more.

Lead-Gen Legal Websites

Axis Local has the Website Design skill and experience you need to modernize and improve your website's lead generation capabilities. Whether you want users to submit a contact form, send an email, or initiate a phone call, we can build you a website that does just that while also installing tracking tools that help you understand your audience. Our website design service is available through Wix Editor, Wix Studio, WordPress, and more.

Modernize Your Website

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