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Driving In-Store Sales Through Organic Social Posting

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Dave Bloom is the Director of Digital Marketing for Axis Local, a Digital Marketing Agency.

In the post-2012 Facebook update world (where they significantly limited the reach of organic posts from 'Pages') many have wondered if the time spent to create a content strategy, develop that content, post that content, and then actively manage incoming engagement is worth it. Specifically, does the time it takes to develop and implement a successful social strategy result in a positive ROI? In this case study, we examine Axis Local's omni-channel digital marketing strategy for oil change and auto repair clients which was implemented for a multi-brand oil change and auto repair business that has several hundred locations.


The Opportunity


Our client, a large oil change and auto repair shop retailer, had 100s of unmanaged/missing Facebook pages that weren't being posted to as they did not have time in-house to do so. With non-existent or non-managed pages, the client ran the risk of having a negative reputation being cultured on Facebook and not having physical locations represented on Facebook when a potential customer searched for a location in their area. They also faced an opportunity cost of not reaching potential customers with coupons and fostering a relationship with potential customers through other types of posts such as auto tips and seasonal posts.


The Solution


Axis Local designed a strategy that began with creating a structure for success. We claimed/created a main page for each brand, and a location page for each location. A structure of parent-child was set up between the brand page and each of that brand's location pages. A strategy of posting was designed that centered around 3 types of weekly posts: coupons, auto tips, and seasonal posts. A content library was created, posts were scheduled and daily engagement was managed.

The results: In 5 months, these posts generated ~2000 website sessions and drove nearly 500 calls and nearly 200 coupon redemptions. This equated to $16,000 in incremental revenue.

To learn more about our omni-channel digital marketing strategy for oil change and auto repair clients click here.



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