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Enterprise Level

NFC In-Store Customer Experience

Give your customers control and convenience with functional Signage. Reap a full, calculable reward for your services.


How It Works



Customer taps their phone and is immediately brought to your custom page.


Make the most of a customer visit by giving them an easy way to:

  • Review you on Google

  • Sign Up for your Newsletter

  • See Exclusive Offers

  • Take a Survey

  • Enter a Contest

  • Follow your Social

  • & More!


Customize the experience to suit your needs and goals by offering many helpful options to your customers:

  • Google Business Listing

  • Coupons and Savings

  • Up-to-date News

  • Offers & Loyalty Benefits

  • Surveys & Polls

  • Links to Social Media

  • Share options


Customer takes action, giving you more return on a simple visit.





Don't stand in the way of your customer! Give them an easy way to feel involved and interact with your business in a meaningful way.

Benefit from a quick, convenient solution for your customers in many ways:

  • Strengthen your business listing

  • Collect email addresses

  • Receive useful poll data

  • Grow your Social Media presence

  • Expand your business' reach!

Get Started.

Don't wait to start benefitting from this cost effective tool; the sooner your customers have options, the sooner they will explore them!

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