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Using a Touch Phone

Practitioner Listings

What is a practitioner listing?

Data management isn't just for multi-location retailers anymore. A practitioner listing is an individual listing on Google, usually for a public facing professional. Practitioner listings are ideal for doctors, real estate agents, CPA's, dentists, lawyers, financial planners, or other professionals that work for a firm but have their own customer base. He or she is directly contactable during the stated hours. This generally means you are going to have a separate phone line for the practitioner at the stated location.

Why practitioner listings?

Is your firm showing up in Google's Local Pack? What searches are you showing up for? Are you leveraging your people to show up even more? Imagine if every employee enhanced your online visibility! For example, your main page can show up for "real estate company Rochester NY", but your agents can show up in more hyperlocal searches like "realtor near me". Your competitors are already doing this.      

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